YouTube Rank

How do I apply for a YouTube Rank?

You can obtain a YouTube Rank on The ChillZone Network by applying, using the form below.
You should hear back within 48 hours.

At The ChillZone Network, we believe in giving all small creators a chance - which is why we have no real, set number requirement on Subscribers or Views unlike other servers. That being said, your channel does need to have an audience, not just 1 Sub!
The requirement we do have is content on The ChillZone Network. If we don't see any videos on The ChillZone Network, we may have to be reluctant to accept you.

What do I get as YouTube Rank?

If your application for a YouTube Rank is accepted, you are able to promote your streams on the server along with us promoting your channel in a special, public, channel in the Main discord - named Partners.
We can also get involved with videos and help with getting content etc.

If you have any questions just open a ticket in the discord and we'll see what we can do!