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To ensure this is a safe place for everyone to enjoy, we are always hiring good members of the community to help out and enforce our rules!
Please note you must meet the following requirements :
  • First login atleast two weeks ago. (Having only one hour in those two weeks isn't sufficient, we can check).
  • No history of punishments on ChillZone. Exceptions may be made so feel free to continue applying.
  • You must be in The ChillZone Discord & have been somewhat active in there.
  • A good understanding of our rules, if you have not even read them- do not bother applying.
  • Over the age of 13+ minimum.
Applying for a Staff Position is generally very competitive, we get more applications than we can reasonably hire. Due to this, we recommend not just meeting the requirements- but exceeding them- e.g been very active.
You can only apply once every 30d! If you are rejected, please read your rejection response and learn from it.
Please ensure you put effort into your responses, no one word answers, and Good Luck!

 Application Tips :
  • Be confident! If you believe you have a certain skill or ability, mention that!
  • Be honest! We'll realise soon enough if you lied on a response anyway.
  • Be mature! Staff are intended to be the role models, and the guardians of the community- keeping everything peaceful.
  • Quality over quantity, but generally quick one word answers such as "I'm kind." won't get you anywhere.
  • If you happen to be rejected, please read your rejection message and learn from it for your next application, if you choose to apply again.


Staff Applications 7 months ago


We offer ranks & rewards for creators who put their creative energy into creating content on ChillZone!
We offer two ranks :
  • Small Creator - Equivalent to VIP/VIP+, Special prefix ingame & in Discord. You gain the ability to promote your videos/streams, provided they are ones on ChillZone. This rank has no subscriber/view requirements, but you must have a minimum of 3 videos on ChillZone.
  • Large Creator - Equivalent to MVP+, Special prefix ingame & in Discord. You are also allowed to promote videos/streams and have access to the partners channel in Discord. For this rank, you need atleast 1000 subscribers on YouTube or 750 followers on Twitch. Also existing content on ChillZone
You also gain a title for the platform you create content on, e.g [YouTube]. (Applies to both ranks).
If you are a creator but your content is on a seperate platform, e.g TikTok, please create a ticket in our Discord so we can discuss this. (This does not yet have a dedicated form)


Media Rank 7 months ago

If you feel you were unfairly banned, please fill out the following form. We generally review these within 1 week maximum. Please ensure you are in the Discord. If you were also banned from there, please mention that.
Note: Chargebacks can only be appealed if paid back. Doxxing, IRL Trading and other severe offences cannot be appealed.

You can only appeal once every two weeks, appealing sooner than this will result in a permanent blacklist.


Ban Appeal 7 months ago

ChillZone is back in development, with hopes of a release by the end of the year!

Stay tuned everyone, we've got so many cool upcoming features and we're very excited to see you all enjoying them, very soon!

ChillZone Release 7 months ago